Tips from the Pro: Shooting Recoil

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. That’s physics. And due to laws of physics, recoil is an issue for all shooters.

Personally, I’ve had the unfortunate experience of having cervical spine surgery. Discs have been replaced with polymer and fused. A titanium plate now holds it all together—all resulting from years of shotgun and rifle recoil.

Luckily, technology has advanced in shooting sports, and there is now a viable solution to abusive and accumulative felt recoil. Hydraulic recoil reduction systems are devices installed in the butt-stock of the shotgun or rifle to slow the time that your gun moves rearward in recoil. These devices spread recoil out over time, resulting in much less recoil felt by the shooter—turning a sharp slap into a much softer push.

With these devices, recoil can be reduced by as much as 60%. Most systems feature springs over a hydraulic piston. A helper spring aids in slowing the gun movement—similar in concept to shock absorbers on a car.

In my prime of competitive shooting, there were many sessions in which I shot 750 rounds a day. While I no longer experience these long practice sessions, you can bet that I am sold on recoil reduction systems for myself and my clients.

Give the matter some thought, then stop by for a visit with me at the Gun Club at Brays Island Plantation. I’m happy to discuss all available options for recoil reduction.

Jim Arnold, NSCA III Master Instructor
Teaching pro and founder of Custom Shooting Sports, Jim Arnold is Brays Island Plantation’s Level III Shooting Instructor. Jim can be found at the Brays Island Gun Club at the end of Johnny Walker Place off Gun Club Drive. You may contact Jim at 937-609-2321 or jim@customshooting.com.