Meet Ron Garl, Brays Island’s Golf Designer

It’s not unusual for people to know a golf course, but not know the designer. Augusta is the perfect example. Probably 90% of people don’t know who designed the course, even amongst avid golfers. They simply know it as Augusta National.

The same is true for the course on Brays Island Plantation, which was designed by Ron Garl.

It was not long ago that many were calling golf course architecture a dead profession. If that is the case, someone needs to notify Ron Garl. In a career that has spanned 40 years and taken him to the far corners of the globe, Ron has amassed an impressive body of work that includes the completion of a whopping 250 golf courses, including courses for the PGA, LPGA, Canadian PGA, and European Tours.

Last year, Ron Garl Designs worked in 12 countries, including a job for the king of Morocco. “It’s kind of exciting to sit here and go, ‘Oh yeah, I was working on stuff for the king of Morocco,’” says Ron. “‘I was working on stuff that the premier of Thailand was involved in.’ It has been a great ride, I’ve been fortunate and blessed.”

So, what is Ron up to these days? In a word: Plenty. “We are working on every major body of ocean in the world at the same time,” says Ron. “Most golf course architects never get an ocean-front project in their lifetime. It has been a great run.”

But Ron hasn’t forgotten about the course at Brays Island. He says, “I look back at the projects I’m most proud of and Brays Island is certainly one of those.”