Meet Nicole Palazzo, Brays Island’s Equestrian Director

Nicole Palazzo’s love of horses runs long and deep. In fact, she can’t recall a time when she didn’t adore the majestic creatures. “It’s something that’s always been in me,” she explains. “My mom said when I was very young, I used to crawl through the backyard and under the fence to go pick grass […]


Brays Island’s Hall of Fame Dog Trainer

Michael Jordan. Tiger Woods. Roger Federer. Occasionally, a sportsman comes along and dominates his sport such that the element of competition all but disappears. In the field trial circuit, Scott Miller is that person. “It is hard to describe how much we won together,” says Stan Wint, a friend and former client of Scott. “He […]


Meet Ron Garl, Brays Island’s Golf Designer

It’s not unusual for people to know a golf course, but not know the designer. Augusta is the perfect example. Probably 90% of people don’t know who designed the course, even amongst avid golfers. They simply know it as Augusta National. The same is true for the course on Brays Island Plantation, which was designed […]