Often referred to as “The Sport of Kings,” falconry consists of hunting wild game with trained birds of prey. When they engage the quarry, a chess match of sorts unfolds, during which you can witness what has been a time-honored tradition between predator and prey. And the outcome is never certain. Brays Island Plantation is […]


Salt Pond Redfish

Encompassing more than 630 square miles, South Carolina Lowcountry contains one of the most extensive salt marsh environments in the United States. While all of this environment is accessible by a short drive, Brays Island Plantation residents don’t even need to leave their communal “backyard” to enjoy some of the best fishing the Lowcountry offers. […]


Harvest Your Own Oysters at Brays Island

Thinking about adding oysters to your dinner menu but don’t want to drive to the local seafood market? Just grab a bucket and some heavy gloves because you can harvest your own bushel of these tasty morsels right on Brays Island. The Plantation’s on-site naturalist Bruce Lampright says the oyster beds near Brays Island are […]